Sky Dining

This is dining on a whole different level! Sky Dining by Mount Faber is located in Singapore and is dining that goes between the main island and Sentosa over the water. It was an amazing experience and the food did not fall short of the stunning view we had.

The cable car ride is planned so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and see the evening lights of this beautiful city. The staff was very courteous and swift with changing our used plates with new, yummy plated food while the cable car was still moving. The only down side of this experience was that due to the setting of the sun, it got really warm in the cable car. There were fans but during that period it couldn’t really be felt.

For me, I think this is something worth trying or bringing out-of-town guests to. It is different, well panned and the food is of a certain standard. I would definitely recommend it for special occasions for dates too.

Mount Faber Sky Dining

Upon arrival we were served with welcome drinks of sparkling or jewel mocktail (this is delicious…then again, I have a thing for mocktails!) then when we are seated in our own private cable car, the experience begins! The dishes in the three course meal we enjoyed were:

Appetizer and Soup
Apple Smoked Margret of Duck with Garden Greens, Hawthorn Chutney (the duck was perfectly cooked, I really enjoyed this)
Cream of Wild Mushroom with Scallop Ravioli, Truffle Emulsion (Ravioli was nice but I found the soup a little bland)

Intezzemo / Palette Cleanser
Yuzu Sorbet (I love yuzu, so you probably will know what I will say about this!)

Main Course
Grilled Norwegian King Salmon, Tri-Bean Stew, Breaded Oyster Basil Oil (Perfectly cooked with fresh ingredients)
SlowRoasted Herb Crusted Fillet Mignon with Celeriac Puree, Port Wine Glaze (I felt this was average)

Black Cherry Yoghurt Mousse, Morello Cherry Compote (It was my hubZ birthday and I put that as my remark when I booked, so we got one with a ‘happy birthday’ chocolate on it just for him. I think the service is personable.)

Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea (This was average too)

Ambience:    5 forks (out of 5)
Service:         5 forks
Food:             4 forks
Price range: $255 (SGD) for two people

Address:       Cable Car station at Harbourfront


Happy Twenty-14!

Happy blessed 2014 everyone! May you experience God’s greater glory in your lives this year.

Our very first NY celebration in Singapore! It was amazing! My friend was visiting and she managed to book a room with a view. It was a good welcome to 2014 with my dear Hubz and dear friends.


Hope you had a memorable start to the year too! Xx

Christmas 2013

Today is Christmas day – our first Christmas together in Singapore. Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas; be joyous, love always and forgive.

This day allows us to remember that Jesus was born into our world, to walk on this earth to spread the Holy Father’s word and knowing that He is our sacrificial lamb where He died for us. I feel very blessed to know that Jesus was willing to die for us so that through His blood our sins are forgiven (that was passed down through the fall of Adam and Eve).

What a bittersweet feeling it has been of late, Christmas season has made me very homesick. This day has always been spent with family, so to be so far away on our own has made me feel sad. But nonetheless the Hubz and I have made the most of it. We spent it with our dear friends here on Christmas eve, you can find the Christmas dinner spread on my instagram. It was very yummy and the company was awesome!2013 Christmas Trees

Here are the trees I have seen in Singapore as I wander around this beautiful country. One tree is from Jakarta 🙂 Hope you have a memorable and blessed Christmas xx

Public Holiday Relaxation

Today is Hari Raya Haji in SIngapore and also my first public holiday since I have started work. So it felt really nice to have a little break from work, not that I feel stressed and needed one.

It was relaxing, just went with the flow with no schedule, no rush just relaxing. We went to a nearby local shopping centre, NEX at Serangoon. It is quite easy to get there by public transport as it is a bus interchange as well as an MRT station. We were craving sushi in the morning so we had that for lunch, watched a movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) and stumbled across a really cool furniture store!

I have a few friends who rave on about Sushi Tei and thought, why not give it a shot! The food was very impressive but I will share that another time. The movie was hilarous! I loved the first one too and thought for a sequeal it really didn’t disappoint. If you do go and watch it, remember to stay till the very end after the animated credits which that in itself was funny. But what I really want to share in this post is that we were just heading to the cinemas to pick up our tickets when we unknowingly stumbled across an amazing furniture! If only we had our own place to deck it out with…

Public Holiday Relaxation

The furniture shop is called King & King Wong and it has styles from modern-contempary to vintage. I am inlove with this place! It even does outdoor furniture which the space was created like a real garden and they sold fake flowers too! Some, I would say are of great quality but the smaller flowers weren’t so much, it was easyily differentiated. Our room needed a new chair so it could be tucked into the desk and the Hubz found what he wanted there! It is similar to the designer chair named Eames, it really complements our room, comfortable too. I also went to the fake flowers area a few times just to look… it felt like when I used to go to the flower markets which is something I miss. Eventhough I am not really a person with a green thumb I do miss looking at a pretty garden, so we bought two little fake pot plants! Hahaha! They are sitting very nicely on our shelf.

King & King Wong

If you are looking for furniture pieces to complete your home, do check this place out. I am loving the white vintage pieces and there was this stunning glass-top dining table that can sit 6 and extended to sit 8. I am not really into glass-top dining tables but this was so elegantly designed… sorry, I don’t have a photo to share though.

That was our relaxing day. Ready for Wednesday!

Roof Terrace Cafe

This Rooftop Terrace Café was stumbled across when we were exploring Singapore’s Holland Village. This place can be found by taking the MRT’s Circle Line, it is at the top of Holland Road Shopping Centre. I am so delighted we found this place because at the time I was a little homesick and just wanted a nice bistro that served yummy brunch dishes with a gorgeous view. As easy as that may sound for a country that has delicious food everywhere, the combination of what I was seeking was a hard task. We found a lot of bistro-bars but nothing quite the same as back home. So this place was everything I was after and also had a high benchmark set for it to hit!

Needless to say, it hit the spot and made me less homesick and a very satisfied belly! The ambience was very similar to back home but with its own character, it had a massive chalkboard drinks menu behind the counter with funky font types. The Rooftop Terrace Café had an indoor area and also an outdoor dining experience. We chose to sit outside on the rooftop rather than indoors like how it is back home, it was a top choice! They had a lot of potted trees and plants that created a feeling that you were immersed in nature when in fact you are just on a rooftop with neighbouring tall buildings. It was a comfort to feel as if we were away from the hustle and bustle so we could really unwind and relax.

Rooftop Terrace

We have returned to dine since our first experience was a memorable one and the dishes we have tried to date are:
* Truffle Fries – amazing! This was our first time trying these in our lives and it was delicious! The flavour of the truffles were amazingly tasty and were very fragrant.
*Scampi Pasta – prawns, chillis tossed in olive oil – decent serving and lots of prawns! flavours were nicely balanced which is needed for such a simple dish.
* Vongole Pasta – clams, chillis with white wine – I really enjoyed this! Decent serving, pasta cooked el dante with lots of clams (to me they were pipis which I have a feeling is a term only the Aussies use) and the wine really complemented it.
*Tandori Chicken Sandwich on Foccacia bread – there is a selection of bread to choose from. The chicken was ‘marinated’ tastefully and the raita sauce was delicious and obviously complemented it well. I love a good raita sauce and this was made really well, you could taste the cucumber freshness coming through.

The Food!

The only thing I found was the pastas were a little on the salty side but I am going to ask for less salt next time and see how I go. The price is average and for that environment it is totally worth it. I would highly recommend this place! It really did hit the high expectations I hold for a bistro.

Ambience:    5 forks (out of 5)
Service:         5 forks
Food:             3.5 forks
Price range: $7 to $17 (SGD)

Address:       211 Holland Ave, #04-01, Holland Road Shopping Centre (Nov 2013: This place is sadly no longer here)